• Chamber Staff

    Executive Director: Wendy J. Laros, M.Ed.

    Communications and Marketing Coordinator: Seth Feldman

    Administrative Assistant and Membership Services: Lydia Hoeppner

  • Executive Director: Wendy J. Laros, M.Ed.

  • Wendy Laros connected to the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce more than a decade ago as a member participating in the Chamber's numerous events, luncheons, business expos, and educational seminars. In 2012, she attended the HawaiĘ»i Island Economic Summit, a Chamber sponsored event designed to inspire business leaders to explore possibilities and initiate strategies to improve the island's economy. 

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  • After the Summit, Chamber members were invited to a newly formed education working group. Laros joined the group which evolved to the Education and Workforce Development Committee. She chaired the committee from 2014-2016 as the group conducted the West Hawai‘i Workforce Needs Assessment, a study published by the Chamber.

    In 2016, Laros joined the staff at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce and, in 2017, was chosen as the next Executive Director. 

    "I'm very honored to be in this position. The Chamber brings the community together to work on issues that concern us all. It's a viable venue to build professional networks while finding solutions for the greater good."

    Born and raised in Northern California, Laros moved to Hawai‘i in 1986. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Hawai‘i Hilo where she graduated with highest honors and a M.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology from UH Manoa. Prior to working at the Chamber, she was the Director of Outreach and Education and head of Marketing at Jack's Diving Locker, an internationally recognized, locally owned business in the ocean tourism industry with a focus on environmental stewardship and community service. Laros was part of the Jack's team from 1991-2016. In 2002, she and husband, Keller Laros, cofounded Manta Pacific Research Foundation. The couple have three children who were all born and raised in the Kona and Kohala regions on the Island of Hawai‘i.

  • Accounts and Membership Services Manager: Lydia Hoeppner

  • Lydia Hoeppner joined the Chamber staff in 2017 offering a steadfast approach during a time of transition. With a friendly smile and welcoming nature, Lydia is in the perfect position to work with our membership.

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  • Naturally gifted with ‘attention to detail’, Lydia applies her skills in managing the Chamber's 500+ membership accounts. Her past experience with information systems, tracking parts, and assisting engineers in engine development at Toyota Racing Development (TRD) translates well to her current Chamber administrative details. Look to Lydia to update your member profile, pay dues or register for events. She is here to help our members make the most of their membership.

    Lydia is also an important member of the Chamber's traveling 'road show' with off-site events and activities. As a member of the support team for Kawaski Motors Corp. USA Team Green amateur racing department, Lydia knows how to handle logistics and event prep.

    What does Lydia like most about the Kona-Kohala Chamber? She states, “I like the diversity of the membership and the events that we do. I’m really enjoying getting to know our members better everyday.”

    Lydia is a strong advocate for dog rescue and volunteers with KARES – Kohala Animal Relocation Education Services – to foster and take dogs to adoption events.

    She is also a master crafter, especially in repurposing items to create art. This includes taking our used Chamber banners and making them into durable tote bags. She is now making the Chamber’s colorful ribbon leis for our new members at AfterHours.

  • Marketing Coordinator: Seth Feldman

  • Seth Feldman, our newest staff member, joined the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce in July of 2019. As a recent graduate of Whittier College, he is full of fresh ideas and adds a new perspective on marketing for KKCC. His background and skillset being in writing and research, he is excellent fit for our marketing position moving forward.

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  • Seth grew up in Denver, Colorado before moving to Los Angeles for his undergraduate degree in Sociology and Global & Cultural Studies. After taking a few months to travel in the Middle East and Europe, he moved to Kona in 2018.

    What does Seth like most about the Kona-Kohala Chamber? he states, “I like being able to work with all types of organizations and to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of how the island moves forward”.

    Seth has a passion for travel and has had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries. He is outspoken in his love for learning about different cultural perspectives. His most recent trip abroad was to Japan, where he spent a week exploring Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world. 

    Other interests of Seth include movies, music, and basketball. His favorite movie is Big Trouble in Little China, his favorite band is Streetlight Manifesto, and he is an avid Denver Nuggets fan.


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