• Chamber Committees and More

    The Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit member organization led by a Board of Directors. The Board relys on a strong set of committees and groups that work to:

    • Identify issues in the community and provide solutions.
    • Develop Chamber initiatives and positions for board approval.
    • Oversee and evaluate Chamber programs, events and fundraisers.
    • Provide expertise and guidance. 

    Chamber members are encouraged to join one or more of the groups below. Meetings are scheduled virtually once a month, ususally one hour. Involvement is an opportunity for Chamber members to work on topics of interest, build professional networks and connect to community - all while helping the Chamber achieve its goals!

    For more information, please contact the Chamber at info@kona-kohala.com or 808-329-1758.

    Economic Development Committee (EDC)

    • Goal: To create a beneficial economic environment for the West Hawai‘i business community.
    • Objectives: 1) Focus on COVID-19 economic recovery, 2) Communicate public and private sector programs designed to alleviate economic crisis and 3) Oversee the chamber's prioirities and key focus areas of Astronomy/TMT, Homelessness and Permitting. 
    • Committee Chair: Ross Wilson, Jr. with Current Events
    • Meetings: The EDC meets virtually on Zoom the third Tuesday of the month from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
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    Permitting Task Force: Permitting is one of the Kona-Kohala Chamber's top priorities and focus areas. This task force was created in 2019 to address this important issue and reports to the Chamber's Economic Development Committee.

    • Goal: Support improvements and efficiency in the permitting process, especially as it pertains to the County of Hawai‘i procedures. 
    • Objectives: 1) Serve as a conduit to Hawaiʻi County for community input on permitting reform, 2) Request that Hawaiʻi County share a ‘road map’ to the permitting process and offer regular outreach and training to the public about their permitting system and 3) Seek clarity on building code interpretation and implementation from Hawaiʻi County.
    • Task Force Chair: Dennis Boyd with the West Hawai‘i Small Business Development Center
    • Meetings: The Permitting Task Force meets virtually on Zoom the first Thursday of the month from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 
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    Education and Workforce Development Committee (ED & WFD)

    • Goal: To facilitate connections to promote opportunities between the education and business communities for the development of Hawai‘i Island's existing and future workforce.
    • Objectives: Assess West Hawai‘i's workforce needs, develop and oversee the Chamber's education program and support and collaborate with Hawai‘i Community College - Palamanui.
    • Committee Chair: Dr. Farrah-Marie Gomes, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, UH Hilo.
    • Meetings: The ED & WFD Committee meets virtually on Zoom on the second Wednesday of the month from 10 - 11:00 a.m.
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    Government Affairs Committee

    • Goal: To be aware of legislative issues at county, state and federal levels that affect West Hawaiʻi and to advocate positions that foster improvements in the business community.
    • Objectives: 1) Annually draft the Chamber’s legislative agenda by implementing recommendations from other Chamber committees and submit the draft to the Board of Directors for approval, 2) Assist with monitoring legislation that pertains to KKCC’s legislative agenda and priorities, 3) Make recommendations to the KKCC Board of Directors on new or altered positions if needed, 4) Communicate with the KKCC Economic Development Committee, 5) Oversee the events related to government affairs such as meetings or luncheons with the mayor or governor and 6) Plan, draft questions and assist with executing candidate forums during election years.
    • Committee Chair: Jacqui Hoover with Hawai‘i Island Economic Development Board and Hawai‘i Leeward Conference
    • Meetings: The Government Affairs Committee meets virtually on Zoom on the second Thursday of the month from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. 
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    Health & Wellness Committee

    • Goal: The goal of the Health & Wellness Committee is to promote increased access to healthcare and wellness services in West Hawaiʻi. 
    • Objectives: 1) Explore health and wellness issues and concerns of Chamber members and the community, 2) Support the local health & wellness industry and raise awareness of local resources and 3) Oversee and support the KKCC Health & Wellness Expo. 
    • Committee Chair: Clayton McGhan, Executive Director of Ali‘i Health Center
    • Meetings: The Chamber's Health & Wellness Committee meets virtually on Zoom on the second Tuesday of each month from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
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    Membership & Marketing Committee

    • Goal: Works to effectively communicate with Chamber members and the community-at-large the mission, vision and values of the Chamber along with promoting membership recruitment and retention.
    • Objectives: 1) Develop and evaluate Chamber’s annual marketing strategy, especially as it pertains to promoting membership, 2) Conduct the Chamber’s Annual Membership Drive, 3) Assist with planning and executing the Annual Membership & Installation Luncheon, 4) Oversee and support the Aliʻi Circle Program and Ambassador Program, 5) Provide advice, expertise and support as needed with editorial/photography services and membership recruitment and retention.
    • Committee Chair: Michelle Conrey with ALTRES Staffing
    • Meetings: The Marketing & Membership meets virtually on Zoom on the first Tuesday of the month from 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. 
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    Sustainability Committee

    • Goal: Promotes sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices and environmental stewardship. 
    • Objectives: Develops environmentally focused Chamber initiatives and oversees and supports the Kuleana Green Business Program including the annual Kuleana Green Business Fair.
    • Committee Chair: Candee Ellsworth, Executive Director of Friends of NELHA and Co-Chair Teri Leicher, Managing Partner of Jack's Diving Locker 
    • Meetings: The Chamber's Sustainability Committee meets virtually on Zoom the first Thursday of each month from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. 
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    Young Professionals Leadership Council

    • Goal: The goal of the KKCC Young Professionals Leadership Council is to provide direction for the future of West Hawaiʻi’s business community.
    • Objectives: Participate in the KKCC Future Focus Initiative of 2018-2021, develop, implement and publish a Chamber study focused on the future.
    • Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Elkjer of Sustainable Island Products and Ilihia Gionson of Hiehie Communications.
    • Meetings: The Chamber's Young Professionals Leadership Council meets virtually on Zoom on the third Friday of each month from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. 
    • Sign Up: This is a free member benefit. Please sign-up here: REGISTER