• What is Member Spotlight? 

    Member Spotlight is a free Kona-Kohala Chamber member promotional benefit that helps members expand reach in West Hawaii's business community. Members are asked to submit an article and their logo that will be posted to the Chamber's website, sent as an announcement to the Chamber membership by email and posted to the Chamber social media. 

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  • Member Spotlight

    • Press Release: Member Spotlight is an article or announcement that may include topics such as employee promotions, new talent added to your team, new products or services added to your offerings, opening a new location, community service activities, etc. Please submit your Member Spotlight to marketing@kona-kohala.com. The approved release will be posted on the Kona-Kohala Chamber's website: NEWS.


    •  Email to Membership: Member Spotlights will also be added to the Chamber's weekly newsletter Kona-Kohala Connections and sent by email to over 1,000 Chamber representatives. In this newsletter, your logo will be displayed along with a link to the article on the Chamber's website. 


    • Recommend 300 to 500 words for your article or announcement.

    • Recommend adding quotes from owners, managers or other people mentioned in the article.

    • Please send your logo with the text.

    • Please include an active hyperlink to your website or a page that specifically gives more information.

    • Please contact us at marketing@kona-kohala.com if you would like us to send you a template for writing your Member Spotlight.

    • Member Spotlight is an article or announcement to describe something about your business. This is different than our Member Marketplace that is a ready-made advertisement. Please click here to learn more about Member Marketplace.

    If you have any questions about Member Spotlight please contact us at marketing@kona-kohala.com or call 808-329-1758.


    Note: Content is expected to be of good quality and in good taste. The Chamber approves all press releases and reserves the right to limit or reject a release that does not align with the mission and values of the Chamber that can be found HERE. We ask that you do not submit promotions for political candidates or social causes.