• Youth Financial Literacy Workshop - Vibrant Hawaii

    September 29, 2023
    Wednesday, October 4th
    2:30PM - 3:30PM | Zoom


    Attention all youths aged 14-24! The Vibrant Hawaiʻi Ambassadors of ʻOAKA (ʻŌpio Alliance for Kuleana Advancement) invite you to join our Youth Financial Literacy Workshop. In this workshop, participants will explore practical and healthy financial practices, including budgeting and understanding money mindsets, which are fundamental for future economic stability and success.

    Guest Presenter: Chasity Cadaoas, Youth Program Coordinator at CU Hawaiʻi

    Chasity Cadaoas, Youth Program Coordinator at CU Hawaiʻi, is a preventative health advocate dedicated to youth well-being. With 15 years at the Maui AIDS Foundation, she has consistently supported LGBTQIA+ youth and led the 'Condom Sense Program', promoting safe sexual practices through youth-crafted PSAs. Chasity also assists incarcerated men and women facing substance abuse in Maui, providing essential recovery resources. Her career demonstrates a deep commitment to preventative health, youth empowerment, and community service in Hawaiʻi.

    ʻOAKA Youth Financial Literacy Workshop