• Returning Shopping Carts - Kailua Village

    January 19, 2024
    Returning Shopping Carts
    Shopping carts keep disappearing from stores. They end up on our streets, cause a visual blight and frustrate retailers.

    Each time a supermarket or store has a shopping cart stolen or damaged it’s out at least $100. Nationwide this equates to several hundred million dollars annually.

    Removing a shopping cart from a place of business is theft.

    If you see an abandoned shopping cart in Historic Kailua Village take a photo and email the photo and location to KailuaVillageOutreach@gmail.com. We’ll contact the place of business and alert them of the location to retrieve their shopping cart.

    Stop the Stealing
    Shoplifting hurts everyone not just the merchants. Merchants lose inventory and sales. The public suffers as prices increase because of shoplifting losses.

    Shoplifting is a crime and violators will be prosecuted in the District.

    The Kailua Village Business Improvement District has printed two sizes of window decals for merchants in the District. If you would like a window decal for your place of business call 808-326-7820 or email KailuaVillage@gmail.com
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