• ‘Ouli Farms Inc - New Chamber Member

    January 30, 2023
    Welcome to new Chamber member ‘Ouli Farms Inc.

    "Ōuli Farms is 840 acres of a new unique balance of homes, farms and club. This upland community is located just above the Mauna Kea Resort on the Big Island. This land was part of the parcel originally acquired by the Rockefeller family for the Mauna Kea Resort. ‘Ōuli Farms will have approximately 140 homes and over 200 acres of active farms. Each large home parcel will include an acre of an ongoing farm component. The team is excited to contribute to the food production on the island as well as provide a community of homes for generations to come.
    Like most good ideas, it started with a walk. We were hiking in the uplands above the Mauna Kea Resort, on the Big Island. Winter had greened up the hillside. The ocean and sky were a borderless blue. And the streams were flowing.
    We were crossing a hillside where people carried resources to and from mauka and makai. The streams we sat beside once filled their drinking gourds, and fed the sweet potatoes they cultivated. Now, this last remaining expanse of the Mauna Kea Resort was in our care to envision its next chapter as a community.
    We’ll honor its rarity with a new-old kind of lanai living — allowing nature to always take the lead. We’ll take a light touch, with homes thoughtfully placed to alter the terrain as little as possible. We’ll leave big spaces in between, with only 140 homes across 840 acres. Preserving more nature and creating a profound feeling of being held by ocean, sky, land, streams and a special kind of kinship. In this way, we’ll respect the land’s heritage. And with a uniquely inclusive community farm, we’ll contribute to Hawaiʻi’s future too.
    We’ll invite people who will love and take care of this place and the life created. An easy flow of time with family and friends. Beautifully simple pleasures, like gathering for sunsets. Sharing impeccable, just-picked community farm-to-table fare. And a spirit of play that inspires adventures from net fishing to barefoot golf.
    One meaning of ʻŌuli is “a sign in the heavens.” And at ʻŌuli Farms, we promise we’ll do our best to follow the signs. To keep listening to the land, our island community, and to those of you who will join us…
    Welcome to ʻŌuli Farms.
    Joe Root & George Punoose
    Lauhala Partners."
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