• OmegaNet Inc. New Chamber Member

    August 24, 2023
    Welcome to new chamber member OmegaNet Inc


    Your First Step To Better B2B Selling


    Simply stated, WE INCREASE YOUR SALES! With OmegaNet you have ONE COMPANY that is knowledgeable and experienced in marketing/promotion in the Gift and Home industry, while being professional at web design, web software and E-Marketing and even print advertising.

    Since 1997, OmegaNet has been working with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of stores and we are uniquely positioned to work with your company on a wide variety of services to increase your visibility and sales.

    Toni IveyToni Ivey (Founder, CEO, President, Sales) toni@omeganetinc.net | (808) 895-3076
    • 30 years experience in wholesale Gift Industry
    • 45 years direct sales experience
    • Sales rep experience
    • Import distributor experience
    • Grant Advisor
    • Consultant