• Mockingbird Tiny Homes - New Chamber Member

    March 28, 2022
    Mockingbird Tiny Homes is a locally owned and operated company proudly based on the Big Island. We work closely with our clients to design, build, and sell custom tiny homes. Completely finished homes as well as tiny house shells are available.

    Our tiny homes are fully customizable and built with a passion for quality, comfort, and functionality.

    Tiny houses make great dwellings for those who want to live more sustainably, but they aren't limited to use as a home. Because of their small size and the fact that they don't require as much time, money, or resources to maintain, a tiny house fits nicely on a small property or in a backyard. 

    Here are just a few creative ways to use a tiny home:
    -Vacation home
    -In-law suite
    -Rental unit
    -Keiki play space
    -Volunteer housing
    -Tack room
    -Home office
    -Pool house
    -Indoor garden
    -Man cave/She shed
    -Retail store
    -Art studio
    -Restaurant or cafe
    -Movable retail store

    The freedom and personalization tiny homes offer set them apart from the traditional housing market. Here are just a few of the benefits:

    Tiny homes are environmentally friendly for several reasons. Because they are typically on wheels rather than a permanent foundation, the ground remains undisturbed and the land can quickly return to its natural state when the home is moved. These homes don’t require nearly as much lumber and building materials, and they consume significantly less electricity and fuel compared to traditional homes.

    The unique foundation of a tiny house on wheels gives owners the freedom to physically move the home at any time, whether the owner wants a change of scenery or they need to move their home for practical reasons. Hawaii is susceptible to a range of natural risk factors such as flooding, drought, hurricanes, poor air quality or volcanic activity. Insurance may not always be available for traditional foundation homes, but tiny home owners are able to protect their investment by simply moving them to a safer location.

    Living in a small but tailored space with fewer possessions can be liberating. More time, money, and energy can be spent on relationships and experiences. For many people, minimalism can be a very meaningful decision that increases happiness and reduces stress.

    Tiny home ownership is much more attainable compared to traditional homes for many people in Hawaii. There are very few options for entry level housing in the state, and residents often find themselves stuck in the cycle of renting. Tiny homes offer a unique and approachable solution. They also provide an affordable temporary solution for short-term or transitional residents.


    If you’d like to experience a tiny home in person please contact us to schedule a tour. 
    (808) 339-7892


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