• MAVEN - New Chamber Member

    August 29, 2022
    Welcome to new member MAVEN.  Hawaii's Content Marketing Agency.
    At MAVEN they believe in content marketing that attracts and converts.
    They're not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. Every single strategy they put together is backed by experience, research, and a deep understanding of buyer psychology.

    Their strategy is to build trust first, by providing valuable, engaging content to your customers. Starting here lowers your cost per acquisition significantly when running ads and creates a positive reputation for your brand. 

    Our social media management blends organic growth with paid ads to get your customers attention and keep it. 

    By developing your online community we create a pool of engaged, interested buyers who love your content, and understand the VALUE that your brands brings to the table.

    So what exactly do they do for you?
    • Social Media Management
    • Content Curation
    • Paid Advertising
    They strategically develop content that connects with your audience over social media – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. They’ve been trained by the best and their strategies result in higher sales and lower costs.