• Kukui IT - New Chamber Member

    September 18, 2023
    Welcome to new chamber member - Kukui IT

    Their goal is to provide their customers with the best service at the lowest possible cost. In addition, they protect your business with our enterprise-class security. Our services start at only $199/mo.


    Kukui's world-class team has built some of the most advanced real estate technology available on the market. Since 1996 we have specialized in implementing enterprise-class information technology for the private and government sectors. Area of expertise include: Custom Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile & Social Development, IT Consulting & Management, Strategy and Analytics.

    Our mission is to solve our clients needs with solutions that are effective, reliable, and cost efficient, while doing so with the best service possible.

    Kukui started in 1996 by offering marketing and computer consulting services to small businesses in Hawaii. Since then we have grown to have clients in every major industry in Hawaii including the State Government. Our clients range in size from 2 employees to over 1000 employees.

    Proactive Remote Monitoring: Most small businesses are simply too busy to worry about the latest security threats, viruses, Windows patches, backups, and other critical issues related to their network. That's why we remotely monitor these systems for you. When there is a failure, we are immediately notified and address the problem right away, before it snowballs into a costly disaster .

    Comprehensive, enterprise-level security: Studies estimate that as many as 60% of the computers currently connected to the Internet are compromised by some kind of virus or malware. Unfortunately, it is usually small businesses that bear the brunt of these attacks, simply because they cannot afford to implement the security measures that are necessary to thwart the latest threats. That’s where we come in. As part of our IT management services, we provide a suite of enterprise-class technologies that work to protect your network from the over 1 million viruses and countless hackers around the world that are constantly attempting to compromise your network. These measures go way beyond your everyday antivirus software.

    Unlimited Support: All of our IT management plans include unlimited remote support. In addition, we'll come out on-site at no extra cost to fix anything we can't resolve remotely.

    Virtual CIO: If you're like most small business owners, you probably can’t justify hiring a full-time, certified and experienced Chief Information Officer. We bridge the gap by providing you and your management team with a dedicated virtual CIO. Your virtual CIO will help you develop your overall IT strategy and help negotiate IT contracts with your various vendors for software, e-commerce, voice, data, hardware, copy machines and other IT related systems. We routinely save our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars by helping negotiate better terms for their various IT contracts.

    Affordable flat rate pricing: Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service at the lowest possible cost. We accomplish this by leveraging our own proprietary software, developed in-house, to remotely monitor and repair your critical systems quickly and efficiently, all without having to make onsite service calls. In addition, we protect your business with our enterprise-class security. These and other measures, allow us to bring system failures and support issues down to an absolute minimum, which then allows us to charge a lower, flat rate monthly fee. Our comprehensive IT Management services start at only $349/mo. with a $100 setup fee. For a custom quote, please click the link below.

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