May 24, 2021
    #HIGotVaccinated Month - June 2021

    Merchants that want to offer “Deals and Discounts” to those who have been vaccinated please complete the on-line form and we will include you in the listing on the site.  They will be uploaded in the order they come into us.  We may categorize them after the site has been populated.

    We appreciate the enthusiasm of Hawaii’s business community in offering deals and discounts for vaccinated Hawaii residents. Please sign up before June to be included in the June 7 launch. www.higotvaccinated.com/sponsor

    Deals & Discounts
    Promotions and Incentives 
    Making the Community Safer One Shot at a Time
    Become a Sponsor
    H&B Marketing and ConnectWorks have teamed up with the Hawaii Healthcare Community to do a major push during the month of June to vaccinate as many people as possible.  There will be a PR and media blitz to get the word out.
    We are asking businesses to offer “Deals and Discounts” as incentives to do it now; and encourage people to not wait and be safe now, with their doctor’s guidance of course.  There will be extra vaccination sites set-up State-wide during the month to give the greatest opportunity to get it done and reward everyone that got vaccinated. 
    Retailers, Restaurants, Service Vendors and Merchants of all kinds can help by providing an offer to be displayed on the official website. If you are a business that can help - simply complete the form on-line at www.HIGOTVACCINATED.com.  Its quick and easy to fill out. This is a state-wide effort, so any island, any area - you can help Hawaii beat the Pandemic!
    There are no special requirements, but we do ask that you provide a really good deal, that has a high perceived value, that hopefully helps your business as well.   Each business can determine the best way to administer the program in-house, with the goal being to reward people who got vaccinated.   We want this to be a win-win for your business, the people who got vaccinated and the State as a whole. We ask that your offer runs through June 30, 2021 and perhaps longer in case we need to extend the promotional window.  The offer can go as long as 12/31/21 at your discretion as noted on the form you will complete on the official website.  We do reserve the right to refuse any offer at our sole discretion.
    We are also looking for a few prizes of significant value to provide additional incentive with a contest to further reward people who get vaccinated. If you are interested in helping with this specifically, please contact us at 808 566-5272 or pbullard@heinrich.com.
    If you have questions, you can reach us at 808 566-5272 or info@HIGOTVACCINATED.COM  
    The website will be officially live on June 7,2021 and may be up prior to that so people can begin to see what the deals and discounts are.  Check the official website for more updates. 
    Mahalo for your consideration and support of this extremely important initiative in Hawaii. Let’s get vaccinated and get our lives back to normal soon!
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