• Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee Debuts New Brand Look and Package Design

    March 09, 2023
    Modern Bags from One of the Oldest and Largest Coffee Producers in Kona Prioritize Freshness

    KEALAKEKUA, Hawaii - Greenwell Farms, one of the largest and oldest coffee producers in Kona, released new packaging for its Classic and Flavored Kona Coffee Roasts and an updated website to match. Like Greenwell’s farming practices and 100% Kona Coffee, quality was priority with the packaging redesign. 

    “After a year of research, design, testing color schemes, fine-tuning details and finding the right supplier, the new Greenwell Farms coffee bags are here to keep coffee fresh and bring joy to customers,” Matt Carter, Farm and Retail Store Manager, said. 

    The Dark, Medium, French (formerly Espresso) and Full City roasts feature green packaging accented with pieces of the spout and handle from the Greenwell Farms’ coffee pot logo. The Flavored coffee series, which includes Autumn Spice (formerly Autumn Harvest), Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Macadamia Nut, features the same pattern with a different color palette. Peaberry features a white bag with light blue coffee tree sketches. 

    The back of the coffee bags pay tribute to Greenwell Farms’ legacy with CEO and owner Tom Greenwell’s tractor, rows of coffee trees grown in the heart of Kona and Greenwell’s farm house with the iconic monkeypod tree that was lost in a recent storm. From aesthetics to technical features, every aspect of the packaging refresh is intentional. The new Greenwell Farms coffee bags feature double-ply material with a thick poly-carbon outer layer and thin inside layer of food-grade aluminum to prevent heat, light and moisture from interfering with coffee quality. 

    “We were very interested in what is known in the industry as barrier protection, so we chose industry-leading materials to keep coffee protected at the highest level,” Carter said. 

    A Swiss-made, one-way valve provides maximum protection by allowing air to escape from the coffee bag without letting moisture in. Tin ties further secure air from entering the bags and seal in the freshness of Greenwell Farms 100% Kona Coffee after each scoop. Lastly, the reinforced flat bottoms allow coffee to stand up for proper storage and easy display. 

    The refreshed packaging and website evolve the branding of a family farm with roots that extend to 1850 with Henry Nicholas Greenwell. Now led by Tom Greenwell (Henry’s great grandson), the farm continues to welcome guests from far and wide to take complimentary farm tours and learn about the 100% Kona Coffee that now comes packaged in vibrant, refreshed bags with purposeful elements. 

    About Greenwell Farms
    A leader in the Kona Coffee world for over 150 years, the fifth-generation Greenwell Family has maintained a legacy of quality and integrity through meticulous farming practices, varietal developments and gourmet milling technologies. Maintaining founder Henry Greenwell’s eye for innovation, Greenwell Farms is also home to farm tours and tastings, an online Coffee Club subscription service, and a range of gourmet products, fresh from the farm. For more information, visit GreenwellFarms.com