• Hawaii Sanctuary's ''The Studio'' Grand Opening

    August 28, 2023
    Yoga, Barre, Mat Pilates and More
    Hawaii Sanctuary "The Studio"

    For the last 6 Months we have been tirelessly working on renovating, designing and organizing the new Department of Hawaii Sanctuary Spa. As we are always, slowly and steadily keeping improving and adding to our trusted quality services, we now present you "THE STUDIO" !

    It is our mission to provide a high integrity, high standard environment with the vision of great professionals that offer their classes and knowledge to create a space where everyone can feel included and nurtured.
    "We intend the space to be a hub of all levels of fitness, skill and age."

    From absolute beginner classes to more challenging targeted sessions, everyone that has visited Hawaii Sanctary Spa before will be able to expect the same level of class, cleanliness, professionalism, integrity and commitment to a high quality product.

    Things that you might want to know...

    How much $$ is it?
    As an introductory rate, we are starting each 60 minute class at $20.
    However we are running a daily deal that can be used once per person with a 50% Discount.

    How about Packages?
    The packages are as follows:
    2 Class Passes = $36 ($18 each)
    6 Class Passes = $90 ($15 each)
    10 Class Passes = $130 ($13 each)
    20 Class Passes = $210 ($10.50 each)
    ***Class Passes can be used for all Types Classes equally***

    Can I book online?
    Yes, just click the links in this email or go to Vagaro.com.

    When is it open?
    We are currently filling the schedule and are adding new classes, times and instructors. We will soon be having classes 7 days a week. We are eager to accommodate early classes as well as classes after your work day.

    Where is it?
    The Studio is located immediately next to our Spa. It has its own entrance to the left. 

    What Classes does it offer?
    We are starting with Barre, Yoga and Mat Pilates. However we also offer the space to community clubs for activities such as Hula Classes, Dancing, ect.
    (*If you are interested in using the space or making a connection to someone, who does, please respond to this email)

    Do you offer Memberships?
    We are currently working on possibly introducing those in the future once the schedule has filled more. If you are interested in Memberships, please let us know.

    How big is the Studio Space?
    With a square footage of a little over 550 sqft and 13' ceilings, there is plenty of space to spread out. However we are committed to keeping the classes at reasonable student amounts to ensure the best experience for the individual. Classes will be capped and appointments are recommended.

    Do you offer private Classes?
    Yes, we do offer private classes. Please call or text us at 808-333-5563 to arrange times. Prices can be found on our website.

    Is the Studio Air Conditioned? 
    Are the floors Real Wood?
    Does the Studio have a Ballet Barre?
    Does the Studio have a Mirror?
    Hawaii Sanctuary by Saima
    74-5615 Luhia Street, A1B Kailua-Kona Hawaii, 96740