• Current Opening - West Hawaii Tax Board of Review

    April 04, 2023
    OPENING - West Hawaii member for the Tax Board of Review which hears the Real Property Tax appeals. Typically appeals are filed on value or being denied an exemption BUT there are other options/reasons/rationale for appealing as well.

    There is an organizational meeting that occurs next week to determine the Chair and Vice Chair.   In May/June there is an Board workshop and training session. Then appeal hearings occur July to October depending on the number of appeals. The hearings are held in both Hilo and Kona and are 2 days per week (usually back to back days so we pay for hotel accommodations when a board members goes from West to East side). In a normal season, we will meet twice per month (one in Hilo and one in Kona). During busy seasons, there may be a third week in a month we have hearings. The final meeting of the year is usually in October/November and is the complaint hearing plus an annual report meeting.

    If anyone is interested, please feel free to have them contact Keita at 961-8992 for more details,

    Website location for applicants and more information is:  https://www.hawaiicounty.gov/our-county/boards-and-commissions



    FACT SHEET AS OF APRIL 1, 2022 https://records.hawaiicounty.gov/weblink/DocView.aspx?dbid=1&id=109645 

    Purpose: To hear disputes between a taxpayer and the Real Property Tax  Division involving valuations, exemptions, dedications, and other  issues regarding the methods to achieve these or application of those  methods. 

    Authority: Hawaii County Code, Section 19-96.
    Appointment: Mayor with Council approval. Normal five-year staggered terms.
    Full Membership: Five (5) members.
    Specific Representation: None required.

    Requirements: Must be citizens of State; must have resided in State at least three (3) years; must be resident of County. No employee or officer of County  may be appointed. (No more than three members may belong officially  to same political party.) 

    Meetings: Organizational Meeting: Annually, 1-2 hours, scheduled in March.
            Workshop Meeting: Annually, all -day meeting, usually scheduled in  June. 
            Appeal Hearings: Normally, two (2) to four (4) meetings per month and  held in Hilo and Kona. Meetings usually extend over a period of four  months, July through October, depending upon number of appeals  and complaints. 

    Financial Disclosure: Members must file Financial Disclosure forms within 20 working days  of taking the oath of office. Thereafter, annual disclosures must be filed on or before January 31. The disclosures are confidential and will be kept on file by the Board of Ethics. County Code, Chapter 2, Section 2-91.1. 

    Reappointment: Per Mayor's discretion. 

    Qualities: Respected by the community as being community -minded and  oriented. Able to focus on the community needs as a whole without  catering to special or self-interest.

    Current Members:

    Name and Term Expiration Date     Council District
    1. Nelson Harano, 12/31/22                 7
    2. V. Diane Blancett-Maddock, 12/31/23     7
    3. Michael Oku moto, 12/31/24              2
    4. Dale K. Tokuuke, 12/31/25               3
    5. Vacant, 12/31/26                        -

    Contact Person: Sherlyn Aronce 1961-8764 1 Sherlyn.aronce@hawaiicounty.gov 

    Attorney Assigned: Yoshimoto 1961-4119 1 J.yoshimoto@hawaiicounty.gov 

    *The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information see appropriate Sections of the
    County Charter, County Code and/or Hawaii Revised Statutes.