• Computer Integrations, Inc | New Chamber Member

    July 10, 2023
    New Chamber Member - Computer Integrations, Inc
    We Service Business PCs-Computers & Servers
    Local & Wide Area Networks Support
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
    Installation  & Maintenance of  Local and Wide Area NETWORKS (LAN / WAN) for  businesses, including Local and Remote Connectivity. 
    WorkStation Installations and Maintenance. 
    Microsoft Server- Unix Servers, Linux - Ubuntu workstations and Operating systems    
    We are  Multi-Platform networks, maintenance specialists, that perform Computer Network Installations and Maintenance for medical and other businesses.
    Our Services Include
    * Hardware and Software Setup and Configuration
    * Hardware & Software Repair and Installation
    * Anti-virus software installations
    * Training, Education.
    * Networking for various Operating Systems, like Windows, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu
    * Networks Emergency Solutions
    Our Mission
    ·         Provide Local Network Installations, software and hardware Networks Solutions.
    ·         Enhance and resolve your IT Business Integration needs.
    We provide services for:
    Small, Medium and Large businesses and Medical Offices in Hawaii.
      Hardware and Software Operating Systems
    Microsoft Servers
    Unix Servers
    Linux Computers
    Ubuntu Computers
    Work Stations
    Web Page Maintenance
    We will network and connect your systems for Local  & Wide  Area Networks
    We will Establish a " Partner" relationship with you, in order to work closely with your goals.
    Train your staff to become the first line of response "First Responders" in case of Network or Application emergency failures 
    Train a selected internal staff to perform simple, easy to learn maintenance and recovery tasks in order to keep your systems functioning with little down time.
              We can help you establish a secure network
    * Once we become thoroughly familiar with your systems, it should only take a short time- Not Hours- To get your system up and running if failure occurs - 
    Sample Simple Network Configuration
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