• 61 Tires, No Longer Polluting the Ocean

    May 01, 2024
    On April 22nd, Earth Day, Body Glove Cruises joined forces with Blue Ocean Mariculture (BOM) and Ocean Defenders Alliance on a mission to remove tires from Kailua Bay. 
    For 4 weeks leading up to the big day, diligent preparations were made to set the team up for success. On Body Glove's boat, "Baby Glove", a few divers went out and assessed the area, bundled tires, and removed some other debris scattered amongst the reef. This was a crucial step in the mission.
    When Earth Day came, a united force of snorkelers and divers rallied together to remove the tires. Snorkelers aboard the Kanoa II of Body Glove met the divers aboard another vessel, Tanks A Lot. The divers went down, and shortly after tires began to surface with the lift bags. Snorkelers then gathered these tires, tying them off to the Kanoa II, ready for BOM to crane them out of the water and onto their vessel. 
    Over 3 hours, tires emerged at the surface, some alone, others in clusters, with the largest cluster being 11 tires. These tires weren't your average car tire either... most were large, semi-truck sized. Even a couple were airplane tires!
    When the final tires in this area had been sent to the surface, divers recalled looking around and seeing how empty and clean the reef looked, which brought on a wave of emotions knowing that just hours before it was filled with toxic tires. 
    Everyone was anxious to hear the final number. As BOM craned the tires off their vessel at Honokohau Harbor and into Junk Authority Hawaii's trailer, the tires were counted. The final number? 61 tires - a testament to their collective effort. And a feat that everyone felt more than proud about. 
    This was a massive team effort that Body Glove can't thank their partners enough for being a part of - Blue Ocean Mariculture, Ocean Defenders Alliance, Tanks A Lot, and Junk Authority Hawaii. And to every single volunteer and the Body Glove crew who came out to help, they want to thank everyone for the tremendous work and for inspiring each other to keep pulling tires off the reef. 
    While challenges remain, Body Glove's determination is unwavering. They'll continue their mission to restore Kailua Bay, ensuring a healthier habitat for marine life.