• Kona-Kohala, Hawaiʻi 

    The Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce exists to provide leadership and advocacy for a successful business environment in West Hawaiʻi. Spanning 1309 square miles, this large region includes four districts on the island of Hawaiʻi - North Kona, South Kona, North Kohala and South Kohala. Each district is diverse in its geography and commerce.

  • North Kohala

    With sunny skies and warm wind, the North Kohala district is worth exploring with scenic coastline vistas and an eclectic mixture of galleries, boutiques, and eateries in Hawi town. Known as the birthplace of King Kamehameha I, Kapaau commemorates the leader who united the islands of Hawaiʻi with an impressive statue. The northern journey ends as you wind through quaint neighborhoods and tropical rain forest foliage to the Poolu Valley overlook - a view with steep Kohala cliffs, a black sand beach and the blue Pacific Ocean.

  • North Kona

    The largest leeward district in Hawaiʻi, North Kona combines blue skies