Queen Ka'ahumanu Hwy. Phase 2 Widening Project

Date: Saturday, September 30, 2017
Duration: All Day
Location: NELHA

The Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway, Phase 2 Widening project is scheduled to transition traffic to the new makai pavement beginning the night of Wednesday, August 23rd, at 9:00 PM with work expected to last thru the afternoon of Thursday, August 24th, until 4:00 PM.  All vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic will be shifted to the new makai pavement from South of Hulikoa Drive intersection to North of Kona International Airport.

Expect traffic delays along Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway and the side streets as this transition occurs.

Following the traffic change, the existing mauka highway between Keahole Airport Road and Hulikoa Drive will be closed to public traffic.

What this means for NELHA’s HOST Park:

As a result of this lane transition, the intersection at Makako Bay Drive and Queen Kaahumanu Highway will lose the left-hand turn pockets (a.k.a. “the suicide lane”).  There will be no left turns into or out of the HOST Park.

This means that if you are travelling Northbound on Queen-K and wish to turn into HOST Park, you will need to drive through to the Airport intersection, make a U-turn at the traffic light, drive back to Makako Bay drive and merge right to exit the highway.

If you are leaving HOST Park with the intent to travel Northbound on the highway, you will merge in the Southbound direction first, travel to Hulikoa Drive (Kohanaiki/Pine Trees) and make a U-turn at the traffic light.

Please note - State DOT intends this to be the final configuration for the Makako Bay Drive intersection.

What about the new Frontage Road?

The Kahilihili Street extension - currently under construction - adds a new fourth leg to the intersection between Queen Kaahumanu Highway and Kaiminani Drive.  This signalized intersection will allow 3 directions of travel from all four legs, thereby restoring “left in” and “left out” turns for HOST Park.

Final paving of that roadway is underway this week, and after a cure-time of a week, the installation of roadway striping and signage will follow for the 2 weeks following.  Also pending is the HELCO’s installation of conductors for the streetlights. 

The current schedule will allow for phasing in traffic – first as a detour (without streetlights) – in the 1st week of September, then fully open once the streetlights are functional.  Work will be ongoing at the intersection between Kahilihili Street and along Makako Bay Drive until end-October.

Drive mindfully:

Please exercise caution when travelling through the area

  • There will doubtless be some confusion on the Highway as the community gets used to the new arrangement.
  • The U-turns at the Airport and Hulikoa Drive intersections will be tricky – watch out for traffic merging left onto the highway from the side-streets.
  • Be careful of the workers on Makako Bay Drive, be wary for loose gravel on the road.
  • For those turning in and out of the South branch of Kahilihili Street (WHEA people) – be aware of constriction at that intersection.

Pass it on !

This notice goes out to only a small proportion of people who travel in and out of the facility – so please do your part and notify everybody who might need to know about these impending changes - employees, co-workers, suppliers, service providers and visitors.

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